Anal Sex Tutorial

Ok, So you Want to have Anal Sex with a Girl, But Either Dont know what to do, or Dont know how to get her to let you do it. Here are some Tips to keep in mind when trying to have Anal sex with a Girl that has never had it before and she is reluctant cause she feels it is painful.

Some girls may have expirienced bad Anal sex in the past from Guys that Didnt know what they were doing and Used crico and Jammed thier hard Cock into thier tight Virgin Asshole. For any guy that thinks this is the way to Anal Sex, My advice is Try it on Yourself first. Get the Crisco and Jam a Huge Hard Object in your ass and youll know how it feels.

First off you must get her comfortable with the idea of having Anal Sex. It May be hard or easy depending on the girl. Ill get more into this later.

Anal Sex can be VERY pleasurable to a Man or Woman IF done properly and with patients.

1. Start off with Something Small like a Finger or even better a small Butt Plug, Work it in SLOWLY and use a waterbase Lubricant like astroglide. (not criso or butter from the cabinet). If you start with something too big, or go too fast, It will hurt and she will tell you to stop and No anal sex for you. Fingers may hurt. some women complain they dont like fingers, So use the Small Buttplug Instead. I recommend the Small Buttplug. Even expirienced Anal Sex Lovers will say fingers can hurt.

2. As you are doing this Check her comfort level by asking her how it feels, Enjoy watching it slowly go in and out of her asshole. SLOWLY. After a good 5-10 minutes of this you may want to go to something "A little" larger than the small butt plug or maybe just wait till the next time. Again Slowly push it in and pay attention to her reactions. Remember one slip up may cause her to say fuck this we arent doing it.
Anal Sex and Patience goes good together.

3. If you really want to do a Great Job at exploring Anal, Do it on yourself first and you will know how it feels. You too can Enjoy anal even if your a Guy. And NO it doesnt mean your gay.

4. Have your GF Slowly Stick a finger in your Asshole and feel around for your Prostate, this is Wonderful when getting head. Or have her Stick a Vibrating Egg in your Ass and turn it on right before you Cum while she is giving you head. This way when you do it to her, You will have a better sense of what might hurt or even feel good. remember though Women dont have a prostate. Most of the pleasure comes from nerve endings around the Anus. So thats a good place to be Licking.

5. Be Clean and Be Safe. Make sure you use condoms at ALL TIMES. Even if its your True love. Bactaria in your Cock can really cause some bad VD. So Make sure the anus is Clean and then you can proceed with Licking her Asshole. If you are going to stick something in it at least lick it. This will get her relaxed and more open to Anal play. Always use Mouthwash afterwards even if its nice and tasty. Even if its Courtney Thorne Smith, Use Mouthwash Afterwards for saftey.

Day 2
OK, So by now you have gotten her to let you use a small butt plug or Finger in her Asshole. Now its time to step it up. Before you grab that Bigger one or jam your hard cock up there. Makes ure you use the Small butt plug again to loosen the Anal Muscle. SLOWLY. Pain is good in moderation. and anal sex can be painful or uncomfortable if done wrong. (which may totally blow it). After about 5 minutes try a slightly Bigger one and see how she does with that. After a few Nights of Slow Anal preperation you will soon be able to get your cock up there. Make sure you wash your Toys or you can even put condoms on them to keep them clean. If you have a Huge Cock then anal may take a little longer, and keep in mind that you may want something that really hurts her, If your Too big than you may not be able to have anal sex, but this doesnt mean you cant use toys on her. You can even use a small toy in her ass while you fuck her pussy.

Day 3
Use More Toys to get her ready, Use the Plugs or Small Dildos you used the nights before and get her hole dialated a but. After her Asshole has had a few expiriences with some Toys and is used to haveing something up there, You may start the process of Getting the head of your cock in. Do not just cram it in there, It will hurt and ruin the whole experience for her. Start slow and just push the head in. watch her reactions and then slowly push in a little more. Once you get it in, (sometimes you wont be ableto push it all the way in depending on the size of your cock.) Stay Still and reach under and stimulate her Pussy.
You want her nuerotransmitters to incorporate Anal Sex = Joy and Orgasms. Infact Pumping your cock in and out like fucking pussy is bad for the first time. It will hurt and she will tell you it hurts take it out. Stay still for a few moments, Let her Asshole Adjust to your cock. After this Move it VERY slowly, DO NOT PUMP. You may have to do anal like this a few times before you get to actually start fucking it at a medium pace.

Well there you have it a 3 Day tutorial on Anal Sex.

If your having trouble convincing her, or she has had a bad experience in the past here are some coniving tips.

1. Lick her Asshole, it will get her used to having her Asshole involved in a sexual activity. Oh cmon,
Dont be a fucking wussy.

2. During Vaginal Doggy Style Sex, gently massage her asshole with your thumb. DO NOT stick it in, if it hurts her she will not be comfortable with the idea of Anal Sex. or you may stick the very tip of your pinky in as a tester to get a reaction. I have small pinky fingers, If yours are large I would suggest not doing the pinky idea. But there are ways you can test her comfort with anal sex by either
A. Licking her Asshole, or
B. Slowly inserting JUST THE TIP of you pinky finger and see how she responds.

If she says and does nothing see how long she will let you do it. If you plan on pushing in further than the tip (a Daring move) use lube or else it will hurt her and she will tell you to fuck yourself. If you get something like "What the hell are you doing?" this is not a good sign stop the Anal immediatly and try another time. who knows you may even get a few oohs an ahhs from it.

3. Get her comfortable with the idea of Anal Sex by explaining to her that you are going to start with something very small and go very slow and if it hurts you will stop. You could even Show her this page.

4. Have her do Anal sex with you First, Use a Small Butt Plug or Vibrator. Some women Love this idea and it is POWERFUL LEVERAGE for you. If You let her try it on you its only fair that You get to try it on her,

Here are some other activities and safety tips for Anal Exploration.
Never Take your cock or toung out of her asshole and put it in her or someone elses Pussy, Bacteria from her Asshole going into her Pussy can cause a serious infection. Unless you switch the Condom. You can Also use Toung Condoms if your a Total Wuss or you feel she may be a total whore with Aids or other VD and you need to use protection. If i think this about a Girl i wont even go down on her pussy let alone her asshole with or without toung barriers. Fuck it why bother if im not going to enjoy it?

If she has good Hygene, show her how much you care by Licking her Asshole. Like 2pac says its time for us to be good to our women and love our women.

Have her Lay face Down and open her cheeks and slowly Lick the inner cheeks and soft bites on the inside of her asscheeks. The make you way to her Hole. Take a chance in life for christs sake. Most guys will only like a girls asshole if they are totally in love or if they are just a pervert like me. I love Licking Girls Assholes. They all taste different, and the women LOVE it.

Have her Sit on your face and bury your toung up her Asshole while she Jerks you off or if you can manage Give you head. Also dont forget she can still use the vibrating egg on you too in this manner. right before you are about to cum have her turn it on and Blast a load like you never have before.

Do All this Stuff at your own Risk. I am not responsible if you try Anal Sex and hurt yourself or someone else. Also Do Not try or force someone to have Anal Sex if they Problems with thier Anus, Such as Colon Cancer or Hemroids or they just dont want to. However you can Still Lick it. ; )